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creating a beach hut for KX. My inspiration was from camping tents and summer beaches. researching about them and blending these two in to one. 

extraordinary- ECE Architecture

Beach Huts

As same as camping tents there are multiple kinds of beach huts. It depends on people, usage, location... some of them are old but traditional, some of them new and modern. Blending these two into one, creates a hall new experience for people in the middle of London. 

Sketch Model

creating beach huts for KX. something modern, something traditional & different 


there is not just one type of tent. they can be several as seen. different types, different functions, different occasions 

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why tents ? 

'How people relax', '  how the get away from their stress, doing yoga, spending time with friends, family or extraordinary things like hiking, camping, travelling...' I choose camping. I thought that what if I put these tents in the middle of the centre of London '?'. Enhanced the meaning of tents. MODERN tents.   

Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architecture in New Zealand

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I really like this beach hut design because it is modern but also still fits the definition of beach hut. made from wood and interacts wit the area, beach.